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     I was very pleased with the standard of service provided to me by Carpet Cleaner Peckham. Their cleaners really did an amazing job, were flexible, and were simply outstanding from start to finish.
Jane Adler22/08/2017
     My son threw a party at our house last weekend and when we came back from our visit to the in-laws, we found a complete tip. I hired Carpet Cleaner Peckham for the after party cleaning and I'm going to take their fee out of my son's pocket money. He's lucky though, their service didn't cost that much.
Diane Weston28/10/2016
     With all of the kids at home, I use Carpet Cleaner Peckham's services every week and I'm really impressed every time. They make house cleaning seem a lot easier. In the past I had been ashamed to invite friends at home but now I know that there is a great help just a call away.
Elisabeth J.21/07/2016
     Thanks Peckham Carpet Cleaning, you guys really saved me. I had been trying to prepare the house for my wife's birthday, sort of like a present to save her spring cleaning and also to get everything ready for a party. Even after all the guests had left, we were noticing what a great job they'd done for weeks. All those little nooks and crannies had been cleaned, right where we had never expected. Spectacular service, would hire again.
Martin Reed05/11/2015
     Over the years I've tried several cleaning services, but none have delivered such a high standard of care as that of PeckhamCarpetCleaners! The cleaners arrive on time without fail every Wednesday and Friday and are always enthusiastic... even about cleaning out our loft that hadn't been touched in years! When the cleaning team go home, everything is literally sparkling, with not a speck of dust in sight! We are your most loyal and dedicated fans!
Rick T.15/01/2015
     You know, gambling rarely pays off. But when it does, oh my goodness. I was a little unsure about hiring a professional cleaner. I didn't know if it would be worth the money or whether my pals would judge me for it... It turns out, I had nothing to worry about. Hiring PeckhamCarpetCleaners was one of the best decisions I ever made. They took care of the jobs I have trouble with, and my wallet didn't take much of a hit by the end of it. Before you knew it, I had recommended it to all of my friends, and a few of them have even took me up on it! So if you think you'd benefit from a professional cleaner, take it from me - give it a shot!

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